Walk & Talks

60 MINUTES $80

If you like to get out in nature and sitting in an office isn’t your thing, these are designed with you in mind. Set at one of the many beautiful locations around Lakeland we set out at your pace, talking as we go.


In-Person Coaching

60 MINUTES $80

Set at my private office or in an outside setting, these sessions are done on an hourly basis. Specializing in self-care and work-life balance for the overwhelmed millennial.



60 MINUTES $80

Done through Skype or Face-Time, this counseling or life-coaching can be done from any location. This is great for people that travel or are unable to make in-person appointments.



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Jason Weiland is a licensed mental health counselor with a passion for the outdoors. He believes in bringing the healing power of nature into our lives and creating a healthy work-life balance into our every day. He’s passionate about helping you create a career around your life, rather than a life around your career.