Promote a culture of wellness within your work place. Improve productivity and employee retention and work satisfaction, circling back to improve your business. That’s a win-win-win.

Thrive is a 6 week intensive program that will help you create a culture in your business that will allow your number one asset (your employees) to grow and give the best of themselves to the company and its mission. You want to keep top talent, you want to provide the best product or service that you can to your customers and you want to be profitable. We at Navigate Consulting Services can help you get to that place and beyond.

This program includes:

  • 1 on 1 consult with executive management team
  • Observationsal assessment of workplace (half-day)
  • Employee feedback surveys
  • Strengths finder tool for all staff
  • (3) Lunch hour workshops for staff
  • Weekly check-ins + 3/6 month follow ups

Optional Add-on: Corporate Retreat
Take your employees on a wilderness coaching workshop. Spend a day unplugged in a beautiful outdoor environment, all the while connecting with your team and receiving tips on how you can incorporate calming and de-stressing techniques into your daily routine.


Create a wellness culture

I’ve personally seen the revolving door mentality of a corporation and I have heard the statements by management of “we just can’t keep top talent”. To this I respond with, “well what are you doing to make them want to stay?” Just as individuals can tend to fall into a rut where we think we are stuck and there is no other way, this is the same with working for businesses. To go into a company and help them create a positive wellness culture, invest in the workers and increase productivity and profit; it's a challenge that I excel at. To build a place where people want to come to work, where people feel encouraged, valued and that their strengths are being used - that is key.