Your guide for navigating life.


With ten years experience in the human services field and a license in Mental Health, Jason Weiland has a passion for helping businesses, employees and business owners have a healthier and more efficient work environments.

Navigate was created to help guide individuals and businesses through the process of creating a healthy atmosphere of work-life balance, thus increasing employee retention and time management in the workplace. He believes that there is a huge need for this within businesses and he works hard to bring awareness and change to our mental health culture.

Navigate is based in Central Florida and travels world-wide.

This is for businesses + entrepreneurs: Have better employee retention and a better working environment, which in turn means a better business.

This is for individuals: Be more efficient with your time, learn how to be less stressed and more in tune with yourself. Learn how to use your passions and talents to have a career that gives you the life you want. Life coaching, 1 on 1 counseling and wilderness retreats create a better you.


From Jason;

Excitement for me is:  

  • Turning a hostile and toxic work environment into one of wellness and positivity.
  • Encouraging others to find their strengths and use those strengths to achieve their goals.
  • Helping others create a life that they enjoy and find value in.  

For those feeling a bit lost in their vocation; I personally feel that everyone deserves to have a life that is meaningful and they should enjoy what they do and where they place their energy. Work and home life are connected and effect each other. Your work should be an extension of who you are.

For those that own or manage businesses; I’ve personally seen the revolving door mentality of a corporation and I have heard statements by management saying, “we just can’t keep top talent”. I want to help build places where people want to come to work, where they feel encouraged and valued and that their strengths are being used.

In all things, I am big into the outdoors and the elements. I fully believe that by connecting with the outdoors and by bringing those elements into the workplace and home environment we are creating the a space for us to flourish and thrive.